“Honestly” – How Not To Lose Your Customers

This over used word is the worst thing you can say in a business sales pitch

That’s how terrible these “trust” words are when it comes to selling people things, not just physical products, but yourself, articles etc. When you have to plea for somebody to trust you the first thing that happens is you lose trust. I don’t know the exact science but, without fail, using this format when you are trying to sell someone something will cause you to lose that person. If you want to know how not to lose your customers in business then listen up.

It will always imply to the person, that you are desperately trying to push something on them. When you are trying to convince someone to buy something, you should appeal to their emotions. What I mean by this is, instead of asking for trust, earn it. Don’t just tell them why they need your product or service, but make them think for themselves that they need it.

You are a car salesman. You’ve got somebody in the dealership and they are looking for a new car. There’s plenty of dealerships around, you want to try and get them to buy from you so you pull out your usual shtick. Trust me, if you buy this car you will not regret it. And they just give you the same, ‘well I’m still just looking around’. As the last potential customers said.

What you did wrong here is firstly you used the “trust” word, instantly they think you’re desperate. Secondly you are aggressive with the “buy” nobody wants to buy things, people want to own things. Thirdly “you will not regret it”. Again this goes back to the forced trust and desperation thing. Definitely never use a trust word and regret in the same sentence.

Take this away with you:

If you can make them feel less like they are being pushed something and more like a suggestion you will have a higher success rate in business. Try to act like their subconscious, be subtle, not aggressive. You want to appeal to peoples emotion, we always buy things because of our emotions, whether it is to look good or feel good. I hope you have learnt how not to lose your customers in business.

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