4 Reasons Why Follow Tricking Does Harm To Your Business

In a previously written article I discuss how you can grow your Instagram without follow tricking. In this article I have 4 reasons why follow tricking does harm to your business and how you can recover from it.

#1. Follow Tricking Shows You Don’t Care About Your Followers

Follow tricking is the tackiest thing on Instagram. If you aren’t aware what it is it’s the process of following people just to unfollow them when they follow you back. It’s a frequently employed tactic used by so many people when trying to grow their Instagram and instead damages it instead. Follow tricking shows your followers that you don’t care about stepping on them to get what you want. It’s using people’s generosity to your own benefit. When most people realise you’ve follow tricked them they will unfollow you anyways. Bringing me onto the next reason.

#2. Follow Tricking Is The Slowest Method 

Follow tricking is the slowest method you can employ. It is literally like taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Every second person you follow trick is just gonna unfollow you anyways so if you manage to get 100 people to follow you this week, next week half of them, if not more will have unfollowed you. Look at every follow tricking account, if you catch it at the right time you can actually see their follower count decrease in real time! With our method you can literally gain 100+ followers a week with less than 5% unfollowing you. It is extremely effective.

#3. Follow Tricking Makes Your Account Look Really Tacky

The third reason why follow tricking does harm to your business is that it makes your account look really tacky. Look at any well established business or influencer on Instagram. You will notice almost all of them follow less than 100 people. When a Instagram account follows 1000’s of people it only shows that they are a follow tricker. Even more so if its a business/creator account! Keep you posted following count small! The bigger your following count the less attractive your Instagram page will look. That is a fact! If you follow more than 100 people you have to prune that number. Save the following for your private Instagram account. Cat videos are cute and all but do you really need cat videos on your feed for your business page?

#4. Follow Tricking Leads To Zombie Followers 

Zombie followers are useless. A zombie follower is someone who follows you but never engages with your posts. This is the worst type of follower you can have. The reason zombie followers are so bad is because they contribute nothing to your business. They generate no income. The whole point of getting followers is for engagement. You want people to engage with your page, your website and your products. Zombie followers do none of this. They just add up. If you have 1000’s of followers but they are all zombies you will achieve nothing. 500 active followers is better than 5000 zombies. 

My advice is for anyone looking to grow their Instagram page is to read our article on the perfect method to grow your Instagram, it will help a lot. 

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