I want to share with you the most valuable lessons that I have learned while locked away in this quarantine period.

There’s no harm in expecting the unexpected

The idea of preparing for unforeseen events may of seemed like a crazy concept to many people before. But I’m sure that has changed for many since the COVID-19 situation. I believe that now people are wise to the fact that preparing for such things is actually more beneficial than anything. It’s a peace of mind, that if the world was to see such an event again you at least know that you’ll be fine.

The people that are really important to you

Another important lesson, who kept in touch with you during quarantine? Who did you feel like you didn’t mind not seeing, versus the people that you really couldn’t be without? I certainly have a fair idea of the people who are really important in my life as a result. So should you, if you don’t know right away who these people are you should just reflect on the last few months. You’ll probably notice people who stopped talking to you less and people who started talking to you more frequently. The ones who talked to you more are the important people in your life, probably your closest friends, family and partner.

Unrewarding hobbies leave you feeling empty

If you spent most of your quarantine playing video games, watching tv/movies and browsing social media endlessly you probably don’t feel too great. I’d bet you are tired and miserable, and you think it’s because you’re in quarantine, but it’s not. It’s because your overloading your brain with dopamine to the point where these activities aren’t giving you the same fix, making you feel empty. Each is fine in moderation, but if it becomes the sole thing you do in your day, you’ll feel horrible. When quarantine ends, you’ll only be seeking dopamine fixes elsewhere. Instead you should rewire your brain to want to do more beneficial things to your finances for example.

Everything you do is just a form of avoidance

You hate to be alone with your thoughts, you fill your day with as much distraction as possible, you probably can’t even go to the bathroom without your mobile phone. You are constantly trying to escape your thoughts, instead you should be more comfortable with them. Stop avoiding alone time, if you associate it only with bad thoughts you will only ever experience that. Instead learn to love that alone time, start to see those productive thoughts come to light, perhaps after rewiring your brain you can work on those productive thoughts.

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