The Three Steps To Making Money Easily Online

Making money online isn’t hard. It’s not hard in the sense that you can lay the foundations for your money making right now. That’s why I’ve created the Three Steps to making money easily online. If you’re reading this you’ve probably got at least a Facebook or an Instagram account. That’s certainly a good place to start if you want to share links. It’s free to set up, you can become friends with lots of people on Facebook or get lots of followers on Instagram.

The Three Steps to making money easily online:

Step One: Register a domain name and host a WordPress site. You don’t necessarily need to have knowledge of HTML or CSS to do this, but it would help make things more personalised. There’s plenty of domain name registrar’s to choose from so you’re not stuck for options, and nearly all of them offer seamless WordPress hosting.

ALTERNATIVELY: Use your Facebook/Instagram page in order to do this completely free. You don’t need to have a domain name and website to make money. But it certainly does help as the money you can make is largely effected by the platform that you use. You are more likely to make money from your own website.

Step Two: Register for Amazon affiliate program, or another affiliate program of your choice. The main idea here is you want to have some sort of possible income sources. An affiliate program is the best option for a new brand because it leaves you with some sort of monetisation while you beef up the amount of content that you have in order to get you ready for Adsense.

Register for Google Adsense if you want to earn money from ad views. Adsense is a much better option than affiliate programmes. But the only problem is you need to have lots of content to begin with. Adhere to all of Googles publisher guidelines and regulations and then get accepted for their programme.

Also Google Adsense won’t monetise any of your social media pages. You can only use this option on your own site. But if you had a YouTube page with eligible subscribers you could get monetised on that.

Step Three: Create content; you need to give people a reason to come to your page, and more importantly to stick around. The more people you have visiting your page the more likely they are to click on your ads or use your referral links. You should try and keep it as organic as possible. You can share your blog URL wherever you please, even on your Facebook page etc. But don’t buy views or clicks because it would be a bad idea.

And that’s the Three Steps to making money easily online. You should have some idea now of what you need to do to make money. I recommend that you start right away!

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