Important Things To Consider Before Making A Twitch Channel

While it might seem like a great idea to set up a Twitch Channel. “I love gaming” and “I want to make money gaming” are normally the two reasons why people choose to make one. Money and Passion. Two things that drive all of us. But there are a few things to consider before making a Twitch Channel. Starting out you will make no money, and spend a lot of time. But that doesn’t mean don’t try. In fact in todays article we are going to help you get started the best you can.

#01 Have You Got A Good Social Media Following?

This is extremely important. Today everybody has their hand in the twitch cookie jar, trying to get that sweet prize. But that makes it extremely hard to stand out among your peers. The best solution for this is to have a good social media following to slingshot your way up the Twitch ranks. Two of the steps to become affiliate is 50 followers and 3 average viewers. This step is far more easier if you first have a large following on say Instagram. You can have people follow your twitch before you even start streaming. The reason why you want people to follow you before you start streaming is because of that average viewer step. If you start of your streaming career with an average of 3+ viewers then you will most likely have all the steps achieved by the time you hit that 8 hours streamed!

The reason why I recommend Instagram is because it is really easy to grow a following on there. In fact, we have an article on how you can grow your Instagram without even following anyone. So if you’ve been follow-tricking. I’d recommend you stop. For more reasons than you think. So this thing to consider before making a twitch channel is grow an Instagram account. Pretty straight forward, right? Simply use your Instagram account and post to your feed/story whenever you decide to go live. That way your followers will be able to know when you’re live. It also means anyone can go and check out your stream, out of curiosity. I recommend using gaming related hashtags and not twitch related hashtags to post on. The reason for this is because the twitch related hashtags are over saturated. The posts are all generally the same. You won’t be able to stand out in twitch hashtags.

I recommend that you gather hashtags that are high performing. These might be hashtags that are related to the games you play. Or might have a very small relation to twitch at all. What matters is that these hashtags are high quality. I recommend you read up on how to select high performing hashtags. This will help you not only get the most engagement out of your posts but also more clicks on your bio link. Which can be a direct link to your twitch channel or a linktree. Whichever suits you. Some of you might prefer linktree so you can include links to your other social media.

#02 Have You Got An Alternative Way Of Monetization?

Without Twitch Affiliate you won’t be able to have people subscribe to your channel. So you’re going to need to make money somehow, right? Well the most common solution on Twitch is donations. But people generally aren’t too eager on giving away their money to an unknown streamer. You have to build trust with your viewers. A win-win solution is to make money through affiliate program commissions. We’ve got a full article on how you can monetize your twitch channel without twitch affiliate. I highly recommend you read that also.

Everybody on Twitch is assumedly in it for the money. As such people are growing more and more weary of who they are donating to. Give incentive for people to donate. This is the best way of getting donations on twitch. Having a way for people to interact with your stream through donations gives people more value for their money. Depending on your channel and audience you may be able to get more creative with this. A good common way of giving people incentive to donate is by having a leaderboard. This gets people hooked on the idea of being better than others. That sounds quite bad, but it is basic human nature and it does earn you money, so what’s the harm.

#03 Have You Got The Right Equipment For Twitch?

This one is probably one of the most important things to consider before making a twitch channel. You need to have a decent quality stream if you hope to grow. This means you need a good microphone and a steady connection. Nothing is more off putting to a viewer than low quality or buffering streams. You don’t need to invest in a really expensive microphone. But one with low noise and clear sound will do. A desk microphone is a good option for most people. It can sit anywhere on your desk and is quite small and portable. The only downside is some cheaper desk microphones can pick up every bump and scratch of the table. Which includes keyboard tapping, and mouse waving.

If you are streaming to twitch from a PlayStation or Xbox you need to consider an alternative to a headset microphone. Although it may seem convenient. The microphone built into your headset might not sound all that pretty outside of the party chat. You will need to get a USB Sound Card to plug into your console if you want to use a good microphone as the jack in the controller tends to be fairly noisy, at least in my experience. I would recommend a non XLR for Console streamers. You can find USB microphones and all on Amazon so be sure to shop around for something.

You might need to upgrade your Internet if you do not meet the upload requirements to stream. I’d recommend you have a connection you can stream in at least 1080p30 because this is the standard you are up against. As for hardware if you are on console this doesn’t apply. But for pc streamers you have to make sure your computer is set up to stream. I’d recommend you only play games you get consistent 60 fps or more in. This reduces the chance of losing viewers due to jarring lag. Just remember that streaming will effect your in-game performance, so if you are just scraping 60 fps in games when you are not streaming you may need to upgrade.

I would not recommend playing games in which you have to turn down graphic options drastically to play. This will ruin the experience for the viewer and most likely cause them to find a stream with better quality. While most people watch streamers based on their personality and such. Some people use twitch as a way to have a look at games they consider purchasing.

Final Things To Consider Before Making A Twitch Channel

You’ve got the social media to back you up. You have donation incentives and a bit of merch to promote. You’ve upgraded your setup and sound crisp. Now comes the hardest part. You have to find the time to stream consistently. You won’t get far if you are streaming on an irregular schedule. You certainly don’t need to stream every day but at least 3-5 times a week works. You will want to be streaming for a few hours each day in order to bring in viewers.

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