TGApproach Presents: Gaming Lounge – Steam Group & Curator

Gaming Lounge is a new Steam Group, active Giveaways and recently became a Curator

Steam Group:
Curation Page:

Do you like video games? Do you like cynical, brutally honest reviews? Well that’s just what Gaming Lounge Curator is all about. The Gaming Lounge is a group on steam that we have recently started up, our plan with it is to go right to our targets when we say we have a Steam Game Giveaway. If you don’t know this already, we do daily Steam Key/Game Giveaway’s on our discord server. If you would like to join our discord server you can do so below..

Join the Gentleman’s Lounge:

Why should I follow Gaming Lounge or join the Group?

As I have mentioned before, the main reason we decided to make a group directly on steam was because we are doing giveaways on our discord server. We decided because we giveaway Steam Keys that we should also publish that information on steam and so the Gaming Lounge was created!

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