Surprisingly Manly Methods To Lose Weight

Everyone wants to lose weight, but sometimes you feel like its way too serious. Well here are surprisingly manly methods to lose weight. Which are not just fun but also whacky. Enjoy!

#1 Manly weight loss method: Cold Showers

I know what your thinking, “I’m not taking a cold shower” but listen.
Cold showers not just helps you to lose weight by making the brown fat in your body work overtime because your body is in a shocked state, but it can also

  • Calm itchy skin.
  • Wake you up so your ready to fuck shit up.
  • Increase circulation so your hard as a rock
  • Reduce muscle soreness post workout.- Glowing hair and skin.

#2 Manly weight loss method: Intercourse

That’s right getting freaky! Can help you lose weight and shed the belly, because I’d you think about it its basically exercise you’ve got your sweat on. Your killing it. A study was conducted by Professor Karelis from university in Canada to find out how many calories we burn when we get freaky.

They worked with 21 straight couples aged between 18 – 35. The couples were asked to have sex once a week for 4 weeks. This includes foreplay, intercourse and orgasm of one or both partners, on average the men burned 101 calories when they had sex. This means next time your getting freaky take your time gentlemen.

Gentleman’s Tip: Getting freaky can boost your testosterone levels so if you want to get freaky more often….you have to get freaky more often.

#3 Manly weight loss method: Run

You didn’t think it would be all easy did you? Running, but not just running any old time. I mean the very first thing you do in the day go for a 20 minute run BEFORE you eat anything. You will have nothing in your system after sleep so you’ll be burning pure fat and you get your daily exercise out of the way.

Gentleman’s Tip: If you go for a run without breakfast and then jump in a cold shower afterwards for 5-10 minutes not only does it cool you down but you burn 2X the amount of fat because your body is working twice as hard and all you have to do is stand there and don’t be a bitch.

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