Sentinel (DVPN) could possibly hit a value of 1$/token in the future.

Foreword: All figures mentioned are accurate only at the time of writing, changes in supply/value etc happen daily in Crypto. This can also apply to DVPN. Therefore if there is an inconsistency in the figures by the time you are reading this then I’m not at fault, I’m only faithful for the accuracy of the figures I will be using in the short term, a week/month from now lots can change.. Thank you and enjoy..

A common trope/cliché in every Alt-Coin community, not just on Reddit, but on Discord etc. Is the “1$ a coin” theory/dream. While it’s a nice thing in theory, in practice most coins don’t have the ability to achieve such a value.

The issue is not the coins popularity, nor its utility or other factors. Simply put the max value a token can achieve is strictly capped by its total market cap. That is the market cap which that token would have provided it was at max supply.

Time to look into the numbers!

DVPN has a total supply of 13,402,373,416 tokens, 5,804,171,058 tokens circulating, and a current market cap of **$116,502,960.** Compared to other “Alts” it has a market cap rank of #452, according to CoinGecko. In order for DVPN to reach 1$/token it’s current market cap would have to rise by $5,687,668,098. This is a lot of money required for just a single token. It’s not impossible, given the current $111,689,489,076 24 hour volume in Crypto. This would require about 5% of a single days volume to be exclusively buying DVPN$. But the issue is DVPN$ only has a 24 hour volume of $5,661,113, assuming this remains unchanged, that would require roughly ~1000 days of only buying activity, and double if it was 50/50 buy/sell. That’s nearly 3 years away. Which considering the current price of DVPN$, waiting 3 years to see your asset rise from ~0.02$/token to 1$/token, a profit of 4,900%.

That alone seems worth the wait for me, I’ve personally only bought DVPN$ to stake and haven’t sold a single token. But what about the short term? Can DVPN$ reach 1$/token within a year? Theoretically yes it is possible, as for the probability your bet is as good as mine. But there are many factors which could see this potential hastening of the value.

  1. Increased/Positive market attention is directed at DVPN$ (If DVPN$ was to “pump” attracting attention, based on historic examples, DVPN$ would see a sharp rise in both market cap and therefore value).
  2. More DVPN$ tokens get burnt/vested/bonded. (A huge factor in price is supply/demand. To increase the value of DVPN$ without market attention would require the supply to be cut, be that permanently through burning, or temporarily through vesting or staking/bonding. Although long term vests are more significant than a 28 day bond from staking)
  3. Inflation Decreases. (The less new tokens being introduced means there will be more scarcity of circulated tokens, in order to continue making lots of staking rewards people are more likely to increase delegations in response to dwindling yields)

It wouldn’t be Crypto Without the “FUD”..

There are also factors which could slow down the climb to $1/token.

  1. Inflation Increases (The opposite effect to decreasing inflation)
  2. DVPN$ project doesn’t gain traction (The value of a token means nothing if the project behind the token fails, as the market is saturated with tokens that have no use case, if DVPN$ was to become one of them it’s chances of becoming more valuable are severely decreased)
  3. Decreased/Negative market attention (The opposite effect to increased attention, but also a “dumping” token is more likely to experience “sell offs”, significantly decreasing value for a short period of time)

As far as I’m aware the max tokens for DVPN$, as hard coded is 48,000,000,000 DVPN$, while it will be many years before this max is reached (- burnt tokens). It will in the long term effect the potential for growth for DVPN$. There are only 6 tokens as of now that have a market cap that is close to or greater than the potential $48,000,000,000 market cap a $1/token value has for DVPN$. So unless the Crypto market continues to attract new investors and therefore more capital DVPN may not ever reach the $1/token mark. Or even worse, after reaching it begin to lose value due to increasing supply vs. lack of demand/capital.

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