Torn City: The Best RPG Game That You Can Play At Work

RPG game that you can play at work; Torn, also known as Torn city is a text based RPG game that is 16 years old. Torn is still being actively developed and is evolving all the time. The beauty of Torn city is that it is a perfect game you can play no matter how busy your lifestyle is.

Crime Based RPG Game that you can play at work

There are many activities that Torn city offers. It is a very big crime RPG so of course the first thing to mention is crimes. Nerve is a resource used in Torn city to do crimes. It is a resource that regenerates over time and can be increased by doing crimes. There are many ways to boost up your nerve, such as consuming alcohol. There are also organised crimes. This feature is one that comes with factions. A faction is a large gang of players within the game. Organised crimes pay off better than regular crimes but require more time.

Attacking and Warring with Factions and Mugging

A faction as previously mentioned is a large gang of players. You can form your own faction or join 1 of the 1000’s that already exist. Factions are always warring over territories in the city. The main reason to join a faction is for the boosts that they provide. These boosts are gained using respect, so the bigger the faction the more boosts. The only con to joining a faction is that you will be attacked more and expected to do attacks yourself.
Attacking in Torn city is a turn based system that requires energy. You can attack any player in torn providing you with the options to mug them, hospitalise them or just leave them in their pool of blood. There is a benefit to all of them. Leaving them is worth more XP. Mugging can provide money. Hospitalising provides the most respect and puts the player in the hospital for longer.

Vacations to the Hospital and the Jail

The hospital and jail are two places you will be bouncing in and out of as you play Torn city. You won’t be avoiding them altogether because sometimes you will be putting yourself there. As a form of protection as somebody can’t mug you if you hospitalise yourself. It can be helpful during some of the events that take place in Torn city such as the dog tag event.
Events are a regular thing in Torn city. They provide a chance to compete against other players and gain rewards. Along with forum based creative competitions there is events such as: elimination, dog tags, Christmas Town, Easter egg hunt and more. There are constantly events on ensuring you always have something to do.

Get better in the gym to take down others

Training in Torn city is a huge part of the game, you need to actively play in order to achieve high battle stats, and by active I mean logging on maybe 3-4 times a day for 5 minutes to do travel and training. This game doesn’t require hours which is the most important thing of all.
If you are interesting in playing Torn city then you can do so by clicking on my banner below. That shows my current level, status and age if you wanna try and beat me! In my opinion torn city is the best game to play at work.

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