Review of Jeremy Fragrance Date for Men – Late Night Fun

Date for Men is the latest men’s fragrance, it is a ‘sequel’ so to say of Office for Men

This is my review of Date For Men by Jeremy Fragrance’s brand The perfect sequel to what I dubbed the ‘Fragrance for CEO’s’. The fragrance comes from the house Fragrance One. Which is also the brand of the very popular fragrance YouTube content creator Jeremy Fragrance. Like the predecessor before it, this fragrance has received many bad reviews for all the wrong reasons. Fake reviews on a perfume is very sinful, in my opinion. Woe be apon those who do it. This industry needs honest reviews first and foremost. At least to stop it turning into yet another industry of crap!

A more mature, pleasant rival to Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male

Most other reviews state a likeness between Date For Men and Ultra Male. While there is some obvious inspiration taken from Ultra Male, to say they are the same fragrance is beyond an understatement. Date for Men is a far more mature fragrance in comparison to Ultra Male. The sweetness of Date for Men is a more ‘aged’ pleasant one, versus the ‘bubblegum’ sweetness of Ultra Male.

Like Office before it Date for Men is a very powerful fragrance, both in it’s longevity and it’s projection. The fragrance is strong enough to get somebodies attention, and as this is a date fragrance that’s quite a good thing. While designed to be a night time/date fragrance Date for Men is still a pretty good daily wear, I just wouldn’t wear it too often. Date for Men isn’t really appropriate for most workplaces as the scent is too sensual.

Perfect Sequel to Office For Men

Date for Men seems perfectly designed to follow after Office for Men, the idea by Jeremy Fragrance to release a daytime and night-time fragrance in series is really good. After a long day with Office, Date for Men is the perfect fragrance to apply after you’ve freshened up for tonight’s date. Because of it’s maturity Date for Men is far more appropriate for adults at dinner, vs teens/young adults in a club. A good club fragrance would be Versace Eros!

The bottle design certainly isn’t the greatest thing ever, especially compared to some other bottles. But the actual perfume inside these fragrances is better than a lot of those fancy bottle types. But the bottles when put next to each other actually make a collection look quite good. There are definitely some worse looking bottles, for example David Dobrik’s David’s Perfume, which we have a review on also.

If you liked my review of Date for Men you can pick up Date For Men on there’s also a full note breakdown to be found on the website. There’s also a YouTube channel and Instagram just dedicated to the brand, so if you’re not a fan of Jeremy Fragrance you can just follow those pages.

Since the release of Date for Men. has released more such as Day for Women, Night for Women and Unisex for Everyone. He also has a new Blacktie for Men being released soon. At this stage people are used to the brand being here to stay so the fake negative reviews has died down a lot. They are being crushed by the positive reviews, because in fact these fragrances are worthy of the good praises.

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