Review of Jeremy Fragrance Office For Men – Fragrance Designed For CEO’s

Office for Men is the most controversial fragrance at the moment

This is my review of Office For Men by Jeremy Fragrance, or

Office For Men took the fragrance market by storm with it’s hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. The fragrance comes from the house Fragrance One. Which is also the brand of the very popular fragrance YouTube content creator Jeremy Fragrance. Office For Men has been torn apart by many. Mostly only swinging at the face of the brand and not the fragrance itself.

The fragrance itself was designed by the genius perfumer Alberto Morillas. Office For Men is definitely another great addition to his creations.

Designed to fill an office, not a cubicle.

Naturally I have listened to and read other reviews on this fragrance. Some of them have nothing to do with fragrance, others were quite harsh and mislead. One such review mentions the sillage of the fragrance, claiming it is too projecting for an office. I believe this fragrance wasn’t designed with the image of some nerd hunched over a computer in a cubicle. But rather with a CEO, or someone in a managerial position in mind. Someone that when their secretary walks into their office, she is hit with a lovely fresh scent and discovers a spicy masculine scent at the heart.

As I write this review I am catching whiffs of the fragrance. It keeps reminding me of its presence, it is bold, but in the best way. Like in the way that you have to be if you want to get promoted in your job. If you want to sit there in your cubicle and bare your bosses wrath go ahead. But if you want to feel bolder, more confident, start standing up for yourself. Actually show your boss you’re not a push over, then harness the same energy as Office For Men. Don’t be afraid to stand out, and certainly don’t allow yourself to be a push over.

Highly recommended daily scent

Making Office For Men my new signature actually wasn’t hard, as soon as I opened the bottle upon arrival I knew it was the one. This is coming from somebody who is obsessed with D&G The One, it was my signature scent. One thing about Office For Men is that you will probably be the only person wearing it, and it’s very unoffensive fresh scent would be welcomed by others. It’s definitely the exact opposite of synthetic smelling, it smells really great.

As somebody who is very sensitive to synthetic smells, as in they cause me horrid headaches, this fragrance does not smell synthetic at all. And as a note as somebody who also suffers from fairly sensitive skin it hasn’t left me with any irritation. Which I can also say also holds true for: D&G The One, Bleu de Chanel & Versace Eros and more.

If you liked my review of Office for Men you can pick up Office For Men on there’s also a full note breakdown and there are always special offers on such as buy one get one free. The best time to buy a perfume is when they are releasing a new fragrance, as there is always a special offer on then.

Since the release of Date for Men. has released more such as Day for Women, Night for Women and Unisex for Everyone. He also has a new Blacktie for Men being released soon. At this stage people are used to the brand being here to stay so the fake negative reviews has died down a lot. They are being crushed by the positive reviews, because in fact these fragrances are worthy of the good praises.

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