Level Up! Make Money Online With Your Instagram Account

So you want to make money online with your Instagram? These steps will help you achieve that

There are many ways of achieving this goal. Most of them require you to invest some of your own money into various things in order to reap the benefits. But there is one way to make money online with 0 upfront costs. The key is using social media as your platform. Instead of spending money on your own website you can start straight away using instagram.

The steps to make money online with your Instagram

Step One: Set up a social media account. More than likely if you’re reading this right now you have an account on at least on the Instagram social media platform. This could actually work with any other social media account, such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter. But in my experience Instagram seems to work best. You can use your other social media to promote your Instagram for more traffic.

Step Two: Get a decent following on Instagram. This is one of the most important steps. The reason why is self explanatory. You need to have an audience in order to make money. Do not purchase followers, Instagram will just block your account for this. The more organic your follower count is the better. We have a guide on how you can get more followers. I recommend you read it. We also have an article explaining why you should not do follow tricking. If you’re unaware follow tricking is the act of following someone and then unfollowing them when they follow you back.

Step Three: Set up an account with an affiliate program. You can set up with any affiliate program of your choice. The main thing here is that you need the affiliate links in order to make the money. I recommend the Amazon affiliate programme. But you can become an affiliate for different companies if you choose.

Final Step: Promote the product/s you are an affiliate for. This is the most important step. You need to get people to use your affiliate link. The best way to do this is to promote your product. Not spam it. Simple just promote it, in your story is the most important it’s normally the most viewed part of your page.

This is just one of the many ways to make money, not just on Instagram but online.

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Bonus Step: If you want to multiply the earnings you make on Instagram it’s pretty simple. Make more brands. When you’ve got your first brand large enough that it is basically growing on its own you should make a second brand and start the same process, this way you can make even more money.

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