How to make lots of money from mobile games

You want to learn how to make lots of money from mobile games? Well you’re not the only one. The mobile gaming market is now huge, more and more people are playing mobile games. A hugely popular mobile game is Raid: Shadow Legends. It generates 100’s of thousands a month in revenue due to micro transactions within the app.

Micro-transactions is the key to a good income

Mobile App developers need to design their apps with micro-transactions in mind. A few years ago this was the cause of a lot of frustration among the gaming community, but now micro-transactions are a tolerated part of gaming now a days. People will always pay to stand out or have an advantage. This is your opportunity to seize that and make money from these people.

The best form of micro-transactions is in the form of a premium currency and an ‘energy’ system. If you can kinda charge people who want to play the game for very large periods of time, you will make more money. Alot of games have energy or similar systems that you can buy with premium currencies. The game makes it ‘fair’ to ‘free to play’ players by making these currencies available to them as rewards for hard quests or playtime.

Make your game addictive

You’re trying to go straight for those dopamine receptors. This is the key to make lots of money from mobile games. Fill your game with all kinds of quests and achievements in order to get people hooked. This sort of system works extremely well. As long as people are ‘leveling up’ and completely quests they will always keep coming back. A perfect way to keep people returning to your mobile game is with daily, weekly and monthly quests.

Another great way to get people returning to your mobile game is with a daily login reward system, these will get people to return to your game at the promise of a big reward for playing the game for a long period of time.

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