Instagram Hashtag Burnout – What To Do When Your Best Hashtags Underperform

Instagram hashtag burnout is a pretty annoying thing. It typically happens when you’ve been engaging in the same Instagram hashtag for an extended period of time. After a while you will probably burnout a well performing hashtag. This is normal. It happens to all of us who are active in our niches. But it is fixable. Wanna learn how to fix it? Keep reading. Wanna learn how you can grow your Instagram without follow tricking? We also have an article on that for you to read after.

What Causes Instagram Hashtag Burnout?

This happens when you’ve been engaging too much on that hashtag and for too long. The more you use a hashtag continuously the more likely you will burn it out. Essentially you’ve already reached most of the audience on that hashtag. But that doesn’t mean that Instagram Hashtag is done with. No it is still important.

No matter how burnt out that hashtag is it is still important. Why is the hashtag important? Because it will become fresh again. After a period of time a hashtag will gain a new audience. Like a snake shedding its skin. This is why it is important to keep note of all your best performing hashtags.

How Do I Make Sure My Hashtags Remain Valuable?

The best way to prevent the burnout is by rotating between a few high performing hashtags. This means instead of milking one dry you are alternating between each in order to keep your hashtag as fresh as possible. This method works best for broad Instagram pages with a few relevant hashtags. But try not to have your Instagram page to broad, spreading yourself too thin, or trying to access many Instagram niches will just leave your audience confused. If your niche is very small it can be harder to prevent burnout this way. But there is an alternative.

Target the hashtag at a new time period. Basically what you are doing here is targeting a whole new demographic based on time zones. So say for example before you were targeting the European users based on your time of engagement. Instead you’ll be engaging with people later in the day, essentially targeting an American market. If you use an automated tool like buffer it might be easier to target different audiences without sacrificing sleep. I would recommend this for people with a high posting frequency anyways. But for people trying to grow their brand an automated tool would come in very handy.

How Do I Find Higher Performing Hashtags?

Sometimes in your niche it can be hard to find high performing hashtags. This can be because of low quality posts in the biggest hashtags or because of a lack of popular hashtags. Most of the time it’s the former. For example on Instagram the hashtag for YouTube is typically spammed by bots promoting their “buy subscribers” schemes. That makes it very hard to find real content to engage with.

We have a whole article dedicated to helping you find the highest performing hashtags in your niche. If you are interested in growing your Instagram followers you will need to read that. Instagram Hashtag value is entirely based on whether there are enough high quality posts there so if there’s anything you take away here, make it that.

In summary; expand the number of hashtags you use. Target those hashtags att different timezones. And most importantly make sure those hashtags have high value to begin with.

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