How To Monetise Your Twitch Channel Without Affiliate

You are new to Twitch or considering setting up a Twitch Channel? So you want to know how to monetise your twitch channel without affiliate? Well you’re definitely in the right place. Today I’m going to tell you exactly how you can do that. By breaking down and explaining the best ways to do so. You can forget about standard methods of monetisation for now. The best way to monetise your twitch channel might be found out side of the twitch website.

#01 Promoting Products On Amazon And Earning Commission

Sounds pretty straight forward right? Well it actually is. The best thing about the Amazon Affiliate Programme is that it works perfectly for Twitch. The amount of gaming/hardware related products on Amazon makes it so easy to select what products to endorse on your streams. You have full control over what you promote. Amazon Affiliate Programme is great for new streamers. Most new streamers get caught up in some merch or energy drink affiliate programmes. But the reality of that is you aren’t going to sell much of those. It’s unfortunate, but everybody is plugging the same stuff. You need to promote stuff that nobody else is promoting, otherwise you’ll be competing against so many other people.

You can start by promoting popular products such as Razor peripherals, headsets, mice, keyboards etc. Razor is such a recognisable brand on Twitch that people are not going to question the quality of the stuff you are promoting. This is a very important point. The one thing that stops people buying stuff is questioning the quality/value of that product. If you are promoting stuff people are unaware of then you will not gain much revenue from those items. Try and pick the most recognisable brands to promote on your Twitch Channel. Razor, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Corsair, Logitech. Just to name a few. I would recommend promoting the lower end, budget priced products from these brands.

The reason why I recommend the lower priced products is because they sell better. Sure you won’t earn as much per sale but you will likely get more sales. You can promote a mixture of expensive and budget options too if you’d like. I recommend experimenting yourself anyways, find out what works and sells best for your individual Twitch Channel. This way you can fully optimize your range. The Amazon Affiliate method is just one way on how to monetise your Twitch Channel without affiliate.

#02 Donation Incentives

This is the most fun option. Give people an incentive to donate to your Twitch Channel. An essential way of doing this is having the message read out on your stream. But other ways of doing this include doing little tasks for each donation depending on the value of the donation. Depending on your channel it could be just about anything. I won’t go into detail because the possibilities are truly endless for this. You just need to power on your creative mind and get to work. Look at other channels, look at charity streams within your niche. Figure out what they are doing and try and decide which fits in with your niche/game.

You could also have a ‘main goal’ incentive. Be that what it may but you can encourage people to buy you new gear or a new computer, or you can make it very extreme and cut your hair. The possibilities again are endless. The point is give people a reason to give their money to you. Give them value for their money. For example if you play Minecraft on your Twitch Channel then you can give roles/ranks to your viewers in a server depending on their donation value.

This also applies to discord, which I recommend you set up for your community. You can give people ranks based on their donation values/if they have donated. And when you have affiliate you can also set up roles for people who have subscribed to you. This does create a kind of ‘class divide’ system in your servers but it creates incentive for people to donate. So who cares?

And Now You Know How To Monetise Your Twitch Channel Without Affiliate

And that’s how to monetise your Twitch Channel without Affiliate. We have more articles on Twitch if you would like to read those. I recommend for anyone who has Twitch or is thinking of starting a Twitch Channel to get Instagram. We have an article on how to grow your Instagram without following anyone. This will help you build up a community and ultimately hit that Affiliate mark. Best of Luck!

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