With Covid-19 shutting business’ down, taking jobs and putting people into poverty we at The Gentleman Approach Present “Covid Poverty Survival Guide”. This is Part 1 of a series on how to make money during Covid-19. Whether you are doing fine during this pandemic or you are down in the dumps looking for a bit of extra cash this article is for you. We have some relatively easy money making tips for any budding entrepreneur to employ in this climate.

#1 Trading Stocks / Investing

I’m going to make this quick for you guys because like me your probably busy and want to get to the good bit quick so. You want to start off by downloading a trading app. These ones are great for beginners, and even offer practice accounts.

1. OneGold – Free to use, no fees, money bonus on sign up, great for long-term investments
2. eToro – 0% Commission, very popular app
3. Trading212 – 0% Commission, very popular app.
4. Robinhood – 0% Commission, less popular app.

You can learn more about the best low cost form of trading by reading our article on the subject. Once you have installed an app. Deposit as much as your comfortable with maybe $20 – $100 to start off with and invest in one or more of these stocks:

  • Activision
  • Amazon
  • Sony
  • Microsoft
  • Apple

These stocks have been projected to shoot up by us at The Gentleman Approach. This is going to make you guys a lot of money for Christmas. Thank us later. Also thank the beautiful commercial holiday that is Christmas!

#2 Riding A Bike / Driving A Car

Because of Covid-19 people are scared to leave the house especially the elderly. So you ride in there on your whip and offer your services as a errand boy/girl were not sexist. For example old lady few doors down walk over knock on the door “Hello Mrs Smith I was wondering if there was anything you wanted from the shop. I’m asking everyone on the block/housing estate if they need errands run for them for a small charge.” Saving them from leaving the house if she says “Yes I’d love that get me some Vaseline and a cucumber from the local grocery store for my midnight snack.” You say “Yes of course the extra charge for that would be 2/3/4/5 euro/pound/dollar.” and boom you’ve just made some money.

#3 Sweeping up the streets

Look outside its autumn!! Go to peoples houses and ask them if they want there leaves removed for a price per garden. Depending on size you make your own prices. Say $6.50 per garden and there’s 20 houses on the block only half wanted your services you’ve still made $65 whatever your currency is.

And that’s how to make money during Covid-19. These are tips you will find nowhere else we don’t pluck stuff from other articles our advice comes from the TGA Brainboxes behind the scenes so enjoy our tips and make sure you let us know on Instagram of these worked for you and we will give you a shout out, thanks for reading.

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