How To Level Up Extra Fast in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6!

Why should I care about leveling up fast?

It’s getting close to the Mid-Season and as such the window to reach golden skins is closing day by day, you might think you’re doing fine in the leveling department UNTIL the Season end is nearing. Then you panic, thinking you won’t get the golden skins in time. Well don’t fear and start grinding now, even if your goal is just Level 100 then you should benefit from this.

I’m just going to get straight into the method no going around it or anything, the best approach is as follows:

Level Up Fast With Fishing:

There are two infinite quests to do with fishing, and not only that but you also gain XP for using fishing spots, the fishing quests include both of Turk’s quests, the first is just simply to catch fish, the second is to fish at fishing spots. The trick is not to throw a rod a few times each map, this is perhaps the slowest way to complete this quest. Instead forget about the Battle Royale, and focus just on the peaceful art of fishing. Land at a pretty good fishing spot or river, pick up a rod and grab a boat and just spend the game fishing, you’ll not only place really high each match but you’ll blow through these two quests easily.

Level Up Fast With Resources:

There’s two quests for resources, the first is to destroy stones, and the second to chop trees. You can do both of these fairly quickly, I recommend for the stones quest to drop beside Cole each game, he can be found just south of Steamy Stacks. After dropping beside Cole you’ll find he’s surrounded by lots of stones, and just north of him is a beach that is full of stones. I don’t recommend weeping woods for the chop trees quest, the reason for this is because those trees take incredibly long to chop, instead I recommend The Orchard as the best location for this quest.

In order to benefit from either of these methods you need to grind them for numerous games, you can alternatively passively do them in your normal matches, but the only way to level fast is to repeat these quests continuously. There is also a weekly legendary quest, when it goes live, I recommend focusing only 100% on that quest and doing it through as much as possible until it expires.

Hopefully you reach whatever your goal is this season, best of luck!

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