How To Get More Followers On Instagram (Without Following ANYONE)

So here is how to get more followers on Instagram.. Whether you’re coming here from our previous articles or a new reader; welcome I hope this works brilliantly for you. Today I will be sharing with you our method on gaining followers on Instagram. I use this method on quite a few accounts and it is extremely effective so I have great confidence it will work for you. For reference on average the accounts gain 70 – 100 followers a week without following anyone. This method can be used to grow your business page, personal page etc. It even works for those of you who flip Instagram pages!

#1. Gather the most populated hashtags

First step is to find the most populated hashtags that are most fitting to your niche. If you are a flipper or personal account user you can use any hashtags. I recommend experimenting with different tags to find the best performing one. After experimenting for weeks I found the best hashtags and my own growth went up substantially. Perhaps someday I’ll share my tags but as of now they are a secret…

#2. Start using those hashtags!

And no I don’t mean putting them in your posts! The next step is to go onto those hashtags and start engaging with posts there. Comment relevant stuff on them and like posts. You should start off fairly slow if you go from 0-60 liking everything Instagram will block you from liking for a while so best not to go too crazy off the line. Ease into it, take your time for the first week

#3. Go crazy with the likes

Now that the Instagram bots have gotten used to your behavior now is your chance to strike. Like everything! Go onto those hashtags and like every single post. The goal here is to get people to look at your profile. A few things will happen in this step. You will get more likes on your posts. You will get more comments. You will get more followers. But most importantly, you will get more people on your website. That means more potential customers/clients and more money.

Now you know how to get more followers on Instagram

I hope you learned something new today. We have loads of similar articles be sure to read up on them. We are also not just targeting an Instagram audience we have so many more articles spanning a wide range of topics so be sure to check them out. If you are coming from our Instagram I hope you are enjoying our page! We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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