Hindsight is an Investors worse enemy.. Profits begin when you look to the future, not the past!

We’ve all sold an asset only for it to then increase in price. Or the opposite, bought only to see the value drop. Instead of focusing on how much profit you could have made, focus on how much you intend to make.

You are not investing in the past, so ignore it. If you purchased an asset and it subsequently dropped in value, don’t be upset with yourself of the market. You purchased it because you believed at the time of purchase that the asset was worth the price. If you are confident that the price will increase in future, then you shouldn’t be upset if it’s gone down. Many would suggest that you could take the opportunity to DCA and make the most of the lower prices. I am one of those people.

Beware when viewing historical data/charts

Being able to view historical data is both a blessing and a curse. Sure you could dream about purchasing an asset at a certain point in the past. But you’re only wasting your time and energy on things you cannot change. Hindsight will bring you nothing in value, unless you’ve got a time machine, in which case it would be valuable..

There is no such thing as buying to late, so long as you believe that you are buying an asset with confidence in it. If you sit by waiting for a dip to buy you risk the chance of never seeing that dip. Research all the projects out there, evaluate them. If you believe in the value of a project then there is no such thing as a bad buy in. The best time to buy is now.

The same goes for selling. If you made a profit on a sale, then you didn’t sell too early. Sure if you waited a little you could’ve made more profit, but you didn’t know that at the time. When you hold off on selling you are only risking the profits you currently have. Take the profit you’ve made, and invest it to make more profit.

Don’t wait, jump on any opportunity and be confident in your actions.

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