How To Make Money In High School – High School Entrepreneur

So you want to be a High School Entrepreneur? It’s actually not that hard, all you have to do is divide your time properly. Here’s how you can make money as a teenager in high school.

Look The Part

If you want to be successful then you have to have that mindset. What better way to achieve that than by making yourself feel successful, dress like you mean it. If you have a budget then work with what you have. Read our other articles or follow our Instagram for great outfit ideas for young men.

Maths & English

These are the most important subjects you can take in school. You will need these in the future. Never mind the crap the teachers tell you about how you need to know about cells or our history it’s all rewritten and misconstrued in the text books anyway. Now you don’t need to be Stephen Hawking and William Shakespeare with with your math and English, but know enough that your confident you can do basic business math and be able to write an article.

Self Tutoring

I know this sounds hard but you are going to have to teach yourself all the stuff you will actually need outside of school. For example; how taxes work, getting a job, how to start a business, how to manage a business and CREATIVITY. None of these are in the school curriculum, know NOW what you want. If you’re interested in money and being successful then focus solely on researching stock trading, drop shipping, copy writing, affiliate marketing etc and teach yourself how to be successful after school.

Internet & A Device

To make money you will need the internet and either a phone, PC or laptop. We have articles on how to make money online that go in depth on how to start and what to do when you start. But start off by picking a niche, I.e travel, fitness , cars , etc and post pictures on it. Memes and videos, do the follow for follow method to get the ball rolling, then really utilize your hashtags to bring them in on your posts and let your account grow. Then you can either sell it, sell shout outs, sell products or advertise other accounts of yours on it.

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