Perfect Method To Generate More Instagram Traffic

It’s not too hard to generate more Instagram traffic. Getting followers on Instagram isn’t really hard, people know how to follow trick. It’s nothing new, but follow tricking sucks. If you’re only seeking a number you will just be follow tricking for the rest of your life. Watching your followers jump up and down as people unfollow you too. The key is to drive more traffic to your Instagram page. This is how you get good followers. We mention “zombie followers” in our article on why you should not follow-trick.

Scrap ‘Follow-Tricking’ to Generate More Instagram Traffic, Try This Instead:

You want real followers. Real followers bring in money and engagement, not follow trickers. There’s only one way to get real followers, and that’s by being patient. And hold up, that does not mean do nothing. You won’t just get followers by sitting on your ass too, you actually have to put in a little bit of effort to actually get people to look at your Instagram page in the first place.

This means growing your Instagram presence. Posting more, engaging with other creators. Liking more posts. To get more engagement on Instagram you actually have to engage with others. Crazy right? If you want to generate more Instagram traffic it’s definitely the best way. And while you can get traffic with “Follow for Follow” methods, it’s low quality traffic.

What I recommend you do is collect a bunch of hashtags from your niche, whatever your business represents and start liking and commenting on posts in those hashtags. When you do this, you are getting people to come to your page and actually have a look at what you have there. Not only will you be seeing an increase in people viewing your page, your posts. Most importantly you will see an increase in traffic to your website. We have a full post on this method. I highly recommend you read that if you want to further your knowledge on this topic.

The best thing about this method is that not only will your follower count grow, but it’ll be filling with genuine followers. These followers are invaluable because they provide your Instagram account with more engagement. More engagement is good, this means more likes, comments, saves and most importantly website clicks. This is a point well worth repeating. We constantly repeat this, because it is how you make your Instagram far more valuable to your brand/business.

The reason why we are focusing more on engagement numbers here and not followers is because engagement increases your chances of showing up on Top/Explore page not followers! If you want to show up on Instagram’s explore page then you have to increase engagement. The Explore page should be your goal as it’s the best way to generate more Instagram traffic.

Another Method To Generate More Instagram Traffic:

Using advertisement you will be able to reach a targeted audience. Advertising is most useful for business’ as it draws in far more engagement with your product/service. If you are a business on Instagram I recommend that you start running ads. The best kind of ad you can run on Instagram is a fairly simple one. Keep the amount of text in the image to the minimum. If you need to convey a lot of information let the description do that.

You’re not trying to sell people with Instagram ads, but more so draw attention. Attention is the most important part of it. People on Instagram miss ads a lot, they mindlessly scroll past the ad and as a result you are paying for something people aren’t even seeing! Make your ad stand out. If you want guides on how to make your ad stand out you can read up more on that.

I wish you the best of look in your quest to generate more Instagram traffic! It might be long and tedious, but it’ll definitely pay off. I highly recommend you read all our posts about Instagram. It can provide you with the valuable knowledge you need. Not only to grow your Instagram. But to use your Instagram as a tool to make money.

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