Discord Server – Steam Giveaways, Self-Promo & Follow for Follow!

Gentleman’s Lounge Discord Server is exactly what you’re looking for!


Why join the Gentleman’s Lounge?

The Lounge, is a discord server we set up last year, it is a community orientated server with no single definable category, it is a: Anime Discord Server, Gaming Discord Server, Self-Promo Discord Server, Giveaway Discord Server.. And more all rolled into one neat ‘Community Discord Server’.

The Lounge is a very inclusive and friendly server, the emphasis is on making people feel comfortable and safe. As such there are roles that you can assign yourself to feel comfortable with the profile you are displaying to others. Our community is full of many different people from different backgrounds. So if a diverse server is your cup of tea then you’re find your home here with us!

Join This Discord For: Daily Giveaways!

When we say ‘Daily’ we mean it. Every single day there is a giveaway, mostly Steam Games that you can win by simply reacting to the Giveaway bots posts. You can enter every single giveaway, there is no limit to the amount of giveaways you can enter which is the best part! From AAA to Indie games to Discord Nitro, why would you pass by on the opportunity to win free stuff with no strings attached!

Giveaways are a great way for us to give back to not just our readers but to the wider web in general. There is a huge number of users on the internet, and having even just 200 of you in The Lounge feels amazing!

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