Review of David Dobrik David’s Perfume – Designer Priced Clone

YouTube is a great marketing tool for any business. Loads of businesses use the platform to generate more revenue. We have articles on this subject and I highly recommend that you check them out! Today I am reviewing yet another YouTuber fragrance. This time the review is of David Dobrik’s “David’s Perfume”. Particularly David’s Perfume #01.

But there’s a phenomenon of influencer turn entrepreneur. And in this case I’m talking about the rise in YouTube perfume “houses”. This new phenomenon is causing a new era of designer priced trash. The low production value of some of these fragrance’s is astounding. In particular I’m talking about David Dobrik and his new line “David’s Perfume“. First thing I noticed was that the design of his “David’s Perfume #01” was identical to that of Bleu de Chanel. From the magnetic cap, the logo and even the bottle. A hugely popular fragrance by Chanel. And a beautiful staple in my collection might I add. In fact a staple in pretty much any fragrance enthusiast across the world. Copying Creed Aventus is one thing but copying Bleu de Chanel? If you’re gonna have your own product you should at least try and make it look different than everything else. Especially if your gonna make your first fragrance very generic. That $60 you could spend on David’s perfume is better spent. In my SUBJECTIVE opinion on Bleu de Chanel. Which was designed by the well respected Jacques Polge. And who is the perfumer of David’s Perfume? Who knows…

If You’re Gonna Do It, Do It Right.. 

Which brings me onto the next point. If you’re going to make a fragrance to sell to your fan base you may as well put your budget into a well respected perfumer. Take Fragrance One’s Jeremy Fragrance for example.. He brought on master perfumer Alberto Morillas to design his Office for Men and Date for Men fragrance’s. Both are extremely good fragrance’s. They are an Eau de Parfum and a Parfum respectfully. And what is David’s Perfume? David’s Perfume #01 is an Eau de Parfum just in case you were also wondering. You won’t find this anywhere on the website or social media. The only place you’ll find it is on the box of the perfume (after you’ve bought it of course). What sort of bad marketing is that. You’d think maybe all the budget went into the fragrance? Well no you’re wrong. I’d estimate this fragrance cost maybe 4-6 dollar a bottle to produce. Yikes. That’s without paying a well respected perfumer.. This fragrance was actually designed by a company called Flower Shop Perfumes Co. An absolute unknown perfumer. Considering the cost of production. The basically free marketing. Charging 60$ for a really synthetic fragrance? It’d have to be great. And it’s not..

At $60 you would expect the main notes to be present but they are not. Whether there is any amber notes to be found inside David’s Perfume #01 is yet to be seen, as it is very hard to smell. In fact you cannot smell it at all. Which is odd considering it’s literally in the name of the perfume. No instead all you will smell is a very strong musky note. The website itself and all the social media contain no information about the actual notes of the perfume. All you’re getting online is a promise of Amber and Cashmere and instead getting another musk fragrance. A Molecule 05 rename Yay…

Is David’s Perfume The Worst?

Is this fragrance the worst? Absolutely not I’ve smelt worse fragrances in my life. But this fragrance is over hyped and over priced. Anyways if you want to buy this fragrance feel free to do so. Your money your choice. But don’t expect the same designer quality you would be getting at that price. 

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