Best Low Cost Form Of trading – Forex vs Stocks vs Commodity

Forex trading isn’t great for casual traders/investors. Despite its low cost form of trading. Typically most people get into Forex trading because regular share trading is intimidating to them. Or because they were tricked by an Instagram “forex trader” that they could “get rich quick”. Personally I would recommend long term share holding because not only would you be investing into your retirement but you’d be earning possible dividends from those companies. Assuming it is blue chip stocks you are buying.

But Forex trading isn’t the only low cost form of trading. There is an even safer form of trading that you can get into. And by safer I mean less volatile. And that is commodity trading. Specifically gold and silver. This form of trading is the best for casual traders in my opinion. A casual trader is somebody with a full time job who doesn’t have a lot of time to do trades. The odds of losing money because of timing with commodity trading is lower than Forex.

What Is The Best Low Cost Form Of Trading?

The first method is by buying bullion. Buying bullion means actually owning the metals yourself. The pros of this method is that you can actually see and hold the metals yourself. Nothing better than having a collection of beautifully stamped bullion. But the con of this method is that it can be slow to sell your bullion. But you can generally make more money for selling coins because of their collection value.

The second method is to use OneGold. OneGold is an site developed by 2 of the top companies in the bullion game. It allows you to purchase bullion really easily and receive notifications on your phone for price changes. The pros of this is that you can buy and sell bullion far quicker than actually having it yourself. Which means it works more like regular trading. 
Consider both these methods before you start trading commodity. I recommend personally the OneGold app which you can check out. They offer $10 sign up bonus so be sure to check it out! But if you are interested in starting a collection then the first method is for you. You don’t have to pick one or the other. That’s the beauty of it. You can collect gold/silver coins and trade bullion. Whatever your preference I hope you enjoy! 

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