About Us

Thank you very much for visiting our site, in particular for clicking on our about us section. We are an Irish based brand with the sole idea of bringing youth and boldness into the men’s style and fitness content sphere. Our whole idea is to provide not only high quality content but make it fun and practical. No more lectures on how to dress well and act confident, now it’s time for proper demonstration.
Damien and I both friends since we were 13 years old, our passion for various things is what makes our friendship so strong. We have the same drive to succeed in life, and provide a stable life for our families. We started getting into men’s fashion when we were around 16 years old and have learned lots on the subject since then.

Founders of The Gentleman Approach


I’m a college student, currently studying Software Development at AIT! My current passion in life is business, men’s fashion/lifestyle and spirituality. I have my own website BrandonDonlon.com which is generally for hosting personal stuff such as school web development projects, and redirects to my other websites! I also have a very keen interest is music, I play 3 instruments; Violin, Guitar and Piano. I love music because it is both an art form and a method of communication. It allows us to express our creativity and emotions in amazing ways. I love the violin in particular because it is such a majestic instrument.
I’ve always had an interest in business but was always afraid to take the risk, recently though I’ve adopted an entirely new vision in life and have gained entirely new confidence. I like to put that down to my devotion to learning spirituality, not in the religious sense but the deeper learning of life and our purpose. I learned that if I never risk anything then I’ll never truly live.
Really all I want in life is to be financially free, while I do enjoy working I am incredibly family orientated and wouldn’t enjoy being separated from my family and friends for extended periods of time. Before going to college I was working and while I enjoyed my job and working in general I didn’t feel like it was where I was supposed to be in life so I decided that I would instead go to college and pursue this degree.
I’m really glad I chose to go down this path because now I am finally able to put everything into something I’m passionate about, such as The Gentleman Approach. Because I have learned HTML etc I am finally able to design a website that I can be proud of and can truly display the passion I have for this business.


Damien shares the same passion as I do when it comes to not only men’s fashion/lifestyle and spirituality but also in business and The Gentleman Approach. Damien studied business before he started working, like myself he’s always wanted to start a business but afraid to take the risk out of fears of it not going the way we expected.
With a family to provide for though he is now passionate more than ever to be successful, because all he can think about now is the future not only for his partner but for his family. All he wants to do is break free from the 9-5 so he can spend as much time as possible with his family. He is very family orientated and it really shows in his dedication to our business.

The future of The Gentleman Approach

While our immediate goal is to launch our social media and website off the ground, we hope to start hiring more people by the start of 2020. We hope to at least have a cameraman and a designer for our logo’s, banners etc. Currently at the moment we are about to achieve this goal as we’ve been communicating with a local photographer and graphic designer. If you have viewed our instagram you’ll have noticed a drastic change in quality this is all thanks to them. They’ve been consulting us in our designs and also been giving us feedback on the look of our website too. It’s definitely nice to have the feedback of another person.

In the future we hope to release our own brand of products to the market, we are passionate entrepreneurs our goal is to get our names out their and create top quality products at reasonable prices. We hope to collaborate we some of the great companies we have here in Ireland in order to create products that are fresh and good. At the moment though we really want to focus on creating an incredible community on our social media pages.

Please follow us on Instagram @gentleman.approach