8 Key Things Every Man Should Know By His 20’s

So you have only just begun, or you are reaching your 20’s. Your 20’s are actually very important. We should be setting the foundations of our life in our 20’s. Finding our partner, thinking about where we will live, and where we will work. But there are 8 things every man should know by his 20’s. These 8 tips are important and really do separate the average man from those who succeed. If you are hoping to set some great foundations to your life I’d recommend revising these.

#01 How To Do Simple Maintenance.

Own a good tool set and know how to use them. Whether it’s being able to fix your own place or help someone else. You need these skills. You could even use these skills to make money doing small jobs that anyone can do. You will likely be moving out in your 20’s. To college accommodation or to an apartment. And you will also come to little problems around the place that will need simple fixing. If you don’t have the tools in the first place you won’t be able to do anything. So save yourself the trouble and have some tools.

#02 Learn To Love Your Own Company.

In our 20’s we often need many people around to fulfil our time. We start to go out more as we can afford to. Meeting new people all the time. Especially if you are going to college or starting a new job. And we mostly enjoy being around people more, but we forget to spend time with ourselves. We also start losing touch with ourselves and sometimes becoming uncomfortable to be alone for too long. Don’t get me wrong, appreciating friends and community is important. But don’t forget to spend time alone. Being with yourself is to know thyself. Out of all the things every man should know, this one is pretty important.

#03 Don’t Be Fooled By Credit Card Offers.

This is a killer in your 20’s and can wreak havoc on you well into your 30’s. They prey on you when you don’t know and suck the life out of you when it’s too late. Be wise with your money don’t blow it on stupid stiff that you think you need but will end up never being used. Invest your money into stuff that might actually help you. For example you can start trading or something. The main point is not that spending money is bad, but spending money you don’t have is bad. You should work towards earning money. The more money you earn the more money you can spend!

#04 Have The ability To Ask A Girl Who Is Way Out Of Your League On A Date.

This will definitely help when you get older. Build that confidence in yourself now and you will dominate later. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Even if she says no, you’re in the same position you were in, only you know you can’t bang this girl. Best case scenario she becomes your wife! The point is, if you don’t shoot your shot you never know what will happen. By not doing anything your chance of failure is always going to be 100%. This applies to EVERYTHING. Don’t be afraid to try, trying is learning. The more you learn in your 20’s the more set up you are for your 30’s onwards. And I’m not talking about academic stuff!

#05 Be Able To Give A Compliment.

This one can take you a long way. Giving someone a compliment is an art form and can be perfected over time. Always be specific and most importantly, sincere when handing these out. It is also important to not discount the timing and situation in which you choose. Learning to compliment people is great because it boosts your charisma. Subtle and blatant compliments alike, people love them. And the better you become at giving compliments the more people are going to like you. This is one of the things every man should know, but also every “gentleman”.

#06 Be Able To Captivate An Audience

It doesn’t even have to actually even be true but, it needs to mesmerize and captivate. Being a great speaker can make you the center of attention anytime and anywhere you want it.You’re in your 20’s, be a man of action. Learn a few things, put a few things into practice. Test yourself and see how far you can get. Push the limits sometimes, break a few rules and know a few things that can set you apart from the herd. It’s kinda cool to live on the edge a bit; otherwise you’re just taking up too much space.

#07 Take Care Of Yourself

One of the huge things every man should know is grooming and hygiene. This may seem small but looking after your face, hair, beard, skin, diet, health and finances is MASSIVE in your 20’s. It’s setting the stage for your future self. if you develop bad habits early they will haunt you later in life. Trust me. I recommend that you start with what you wear and how you smell. You don’t have to buy fancy clothes and perfumes but something decent will go a long way. Keep your beard oiled and balm’d if you have one. Keep your hair in place with products if its wild.

#08 Write A Good Resume And Cover Letter

As much as it can be a drag, getting a job is part of growing up. Being able to do these two things will be the difference in starting your new job and still waiting for someone to call you about a job. Sink or swim it’s your call. “Get a fucking job” – Dan Lok. The reason why this is one of the 8 things every man should know is because high school probably let you down, and now you need a really good resume to sort you out!

These are the 8 things every man should know in his 20’s. If you’re interested in improving yourself more I recommend you read on the 3 things that make a man that aren’t material. These 2 articles will get you set up in life for sure.

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