3 Things That Make A Man That Aren’t Material

There’s a big difference between ‘being’ a man and acting like one

I’ve narrowed down 3 of the most important elements of being a man so that you can work on these and become a better person. Absolutely none of these revolve around money, it is all about relationships and personal discipline. If you think all it takes to be a man is being a breadwinner then more than likely you are lacking on other elements. Please take a few minutes to scroll down these three points and work on them.

1. Family & Fatherhood.

This is number one for good reason. Being a father is the most important thing to be a man. The ability to be there to protect and love your children is very important. If you are never around your children will be missing a very important part of their childhood, a father. You should make sure that you are always spending time with your children, for they will need to look up to you for strength and guidance. You’re daughters will want you to be strong, and your sons want you to be wise. You will need to make sure that you are always available to help them when they need help. This means that you will need to find a job that gives you as much time as possible.

The second element of this is being a good husband. If you are a good husband and you have an amazing wife, or even girlfriend you will feel accomplished. You might have all the wealth in the world, but that might not fill the void that is left from not sharing your love with someone who is equal to you in all ways.

2. Being healthy, mind body and soul.

The image of a man is one that is ready to destroy any task that he can. As such it is very important for a man to make sure his health is perfect. Not only should you work out, get a muscular physique and be strong. You should also make sure you are eating the appropriate foods and that your mental health is in a good place. You should mediate and learn to find inner peace so that you can tackle any taste with lots of intensity.

Maintain a good routine that consists of: regular weightlifting exercising, regular healthy nutritious meals, meditation and recollection. What you will find when you focus on achieving a good routine like this is that you will be come very happy. The feeling also makes you feel invincible.

3. Maintaining good friendships

Just as important as any of the others. Maintaining good friendships is a key part of being a man. Having friends is a great way in order to have a network of people that you can rely on. If you have someone who is your friend and you feel you couldn’t rely on them, then they are not truly that good of a friend.

We befriend people who we share similar interests and passions with, people who are almost the same as ourselves. As such a good friend group will allow you to learn much more about yourself. It will also force you to grow socially and mentally. Sharing your passions and achievements with others is very rewarding.

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